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With a lifelong love of literature, backed by a heavyweight degree in psychology, my copywriting packs a punch.

I offer a deep level of empathy and insight, seasoned with just the right amount of cheekiness and humour.

If your brand is your baby, consider me its caring godmother there to give it a gentle poke in the right direction,

ease the transition from reticence to eloquence.

Can you write a testimonial for you from me? Your words will be better anyway.

Silke Bader

CEO, L Media

The Deluxe Relaxation Pamper Package

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know where to start? Make all your problems go away with this all-inclusive package.
Sounds like what I need. Click the plus sign to find out more.
What you get:
Foundation Branding Audit
A series of worksheets + a half hour chat with me, resulting in a branding manifesto neatly summed up in one document. Hand it to your designers. Your marketing team. Refer to it yourself. Invaluable.


Signature Website Overhaul
A snappy Home Page, killer About Page, and breathtakingly succinct Services page – including a round of revisions.

Choose one out of the following

  • 1 hour of my copywriting time
  • 1.5 hours of my editing time
  • 5 product descriptions (up to 50 words each).

Your investment: Package starts at $1250 but I understand your needs are unique to your business.

Let’s chat, and tailor this to you.

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons below.

Single Page Spruce Up

Those packages sure sound convenient, but maybe you’ve got most of it down pat. Just need to nail that last niggling page? You’re in the right place.
The finish line is in sight!
What you get:
Shiny new copy to be the cherry on top of your website. Connect with your clients and guide them on their journey through your site. Includes 1 round of revisions.

Your investment:
Initial page $400
Subsequent pages $300 apiece
(Sales pages $450)

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons below.

Copywriting By The Hour

Need something written which you haven’t seen listed yet? You’ve come to the right place.
My time is needed elsewhere.
While most things are done online these days, it’s not just about website copy. The things that need to be written are as numerous and varied as your business ideas. You could spend the time writing it yourself, squeezing each painstaking word from your brain to your screen. You could also just shoot it my way, then sit back and relax.

What you get: Carefully crafted copy. It convinces. It sells. It draws people in and guides them onwards.

Your investment: $95/hour

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons below.

Blog Posts

The internet is a big place, filled with people trying to get your money.
Question: How do you get people to trust your enough to part with their hard-earned dollars?
Answer: Having a blog - but why?
A blog can be an extremely powerful tool for your business. It allows you to showcase your expertise in your field. It gives your audience something to engage with and helps them remember you. It builds rapport and trust so when the time comes that they need what you offer – you’ll be right there. Not to mention the scope for SEO!

Whether you just want one to keep you chugging along, or there’s a specific topic you need help covering.
Your investment: From $80.

You’re brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, everything is brand new and so close to launching. You just need someone to give you a jump start in the blog department, so you can finally get things moving.
3 x 500(ish) word blog posts
Delivered monthly or fortnightly.
Your investment: From $215 (save 10%).

Set It And Forget It
You know you need a blog but there are just too many other things to do!
12 x 500(ish) word SEO optimised blog posts.
Delivered monthly – no worries for a whole year.
Your investment: From $760 (save 20%).

Note: These prices are a guide. Individual prices will depend on topic, length, and research required.

Other Writing Services

Love my style? Got a think-piece you want whipped into existence? I write and ghostwrite feature articles too!
I have this idea but...
Community and lifestyle are where I honed my skills. Music, food, fashion, and events are high on my list, as well as interviews and pieces on community and identity.

Check out some of my articles here. Feature article prices are determined on a case-by-case basis, so get in touch here to discuss your piece!

Signature Website Overhaul

Starting from scratch? Or maybe just tired of the same dull copy. Hand it over to me, and get on with the rest of your to-do list (or enjoy that glass of wine you’ve been dreaming of).
I would love to get to that wine...
What you get:
A snappy Home Page, killer About Page, and breathtakingly succinct Services page – including a round of revisions. Let me pamper you that little bit more, with an hour of my editing time – to be used however you please.

Your investment:
3 page package $800
4 page package $1000

Want to personalise this bad boy? No problem! Just ask.

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons below.

Foundation Branding Audit

For when you know what you do, but not quite who you are. Perfect for those starting at square one, those doing a branding refresh, or simply those who want to make sure they didn’t miss anything.
I do love being thorough.
Ideal client? Brand statements? Visual and written tone? If you don’t have all those nailed, you might need this. I know you want to jump straight in to the magic words that will bring your online presence to life. But first, you have to grit your teeth and do this. Let me guide you through it.

What you get:

  • A series of worksheets to fill in, to give us both a clear idea of who you are and who you’re targeting.
  • A half hour with me to talk, brainstorm, and ask questions.
  • I’ll go through your worksheets and dig through your current online presence.
  • The end result: a branding manifesto neatly summed up into one document. Hand it to your designers. Your marketing team. Refer to it yourself. Invaluable.

Your investment: $430

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons below.

Editing By The Hour

Perfect for the bits and bobs you’re not quite confident with.
Polish this up for me.
You took a crack at it. You honestly did, and all the information is there. It just doesn’t sound…right. I’ve waved my magic wand (well, pen…okay, keyboard) over everything from emails to manuscripts, to flyers and beyond.

Your investment: $65/hour

Got a larger, more spread-out project? Want to lock down a cheaper rate?
3hr block: $175 (save 10%)
5 hour block: $275 (save 15%)
10 hour block: $520 (save 20%)

Still need that missing piece? Check out the Add-Ons.


Here it is. The missing piece. That last thing to get your operation airtight.
Learn More
Show me your project and I’ll give you a quote.

Including, but not limited to
Newsletters/E-News (from $60)
Social media copy
Product descriptions
Press releases ($150)
Stockist letters ($180)
Pamphlets, Flyers, and anything else you can think of!

I work with people from all over the world. All these prices are in AUD, if you need a quote in a different currency, let me know.

Liv Steigrad is a great editor to have in your corner.
As an emerging writer with a book in development, I needed professional guidance. I worried that I wouldn’t find the right editor for the project. Fortunately, Liv proved both able and trustworthy. From the very first communication, she was clear and honest about what could be achieved. She quoted promptly, helped to set realistic deadlines, and took the time to explain what was involved.
Liv consistently exceeded my expectations throughout the editing process. She delivered excellent work, kept me informed, and offered invaluable advice. She turned a potentially stressful process into a simple one; this is by far the biggest benefit of her services. I would recommend her to anyone who desires an enjoyable and productive experience.
Georgie Wolf

Author of The Art Of The Hookup

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