Here’s what other people had to say after working with me.

Insightful copywriting.

There’s an elusive spot
somewhere in the overlapping areas of knowing yourself
and knowing your target audience,
of knowing how you talk,
and knowing how they listen.
That sweet spot? That borderline mythical place?

I know how to find it.

Liv Steigrad is the kind of copywriter I want to be when I grow up. She’s whip-smart, sharp as a blade, and manages to cram oodles of personality into succinct, punchy copy. I’ve had the pleasure of both copy coaching and hiring Liv as a copywriter and editor and on every occasion she brings innovative, new ideas, a considered approach to how to work with other professionals, and delivers edgy, easy to read copy. I highly recommend this fresh face to the copy world and suggest you sign her up soon; I can imagine she’ll be charging at top dollar within the year.

Jay Crisp Crow, Copywriter

Liv consistently exceeded my expectations throughout the editing process. She delivered excellent work, kept me informed, and offered invaluable advice. She turned a potentially stressful situation into a simple one; this is by far the biggest benefit of her services. I would recommend her to anyone who desires an enjoyable and productive experience.


Georgie Wolf, Author of Art Of The Hookup

 The content was website ready and didn't need any editing or adjusting. The format and style followed the brief perfectly. It was all very easy and time efficient. I would (and will) happily recommend Liv to other business owners needing to outsource copywriting. Little briefing was needed for a fantastic result.

Kayla Houlihan, CEO Tribe Skincare