You do,
I write,
They remember.

I’m Liv

A creative copywriter with a curious mind

backed up by a degree in psychology.


Liv Steigrad is the kind of copywriter I want to be when I grow up. She’s whip-smart, sharp as a blade, and manages to cram oodles of personality into succinct, punchy copy. I’ve had the pleasure of both copy coaching and hiring Liv as a copywriter and editor and on every occasion she brings innovative, new ideas, a considered approach to how to work with other professionals, and delivers edgy, easy to read copy. I highly recommend this fresh face to the copy world and suggest you sign her up soon; I can imagine she’ll be charging at top dollar within the year. Jay Crow

Can’t see the woods for the trees?

I get it. You’re so caught up in the myriad things that go into your business. It’s all there held suspended in your head. There’s your list for today, for this week, for the month. The things you’ve done, the things you’re doing, the things you still need to do. Not to mention the laundry, the bills, and at some point you need to get some groceries, or it’ll be cereal for dinner. Of course it’s difficult to slash through the foliage and work out exactly what you’re trying to say in this particular instance. Don’t worry though. I’m here ready to wield my whipper snipper through that dense undergrowth.

Let’s find that glowing, green idea. The root, the reason, the seed. Let’s help it grow.

Ready? Here’s How.